dimarts, 23 d’octubre de 2007


L'Agustí Crusellas resideix actualment a Jerez de la Frontera, tot i que passa llargues temporades a Buenos Aires, pel motiu que s'explica a la seva nota biogràfica.

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There are currently around 442,000 living MSU alumni worldwide giving the school one of the largest number of alumni of any institution of higher learning.[2] Famous MSU alumni include former Michigan governors James Blanchard[179] and John Engler,[180] U.S. Senators Debbie Stabenow[181] and Tim Johnson, U.S. ambassador to Brazil Donna Hrinak, former Jordan Prime Minister Adnan Badran, billionaire philanthropists Tom Gores and Eli Broad

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The door opened again. It was Dumbledore. Harry swallowed his mouthful of chocolate with great difficulty and got up again.
“Professor Dumbledore, Sirius Black —”
“For heaven’s sake!” said Madam Pomfrey hysterically. “Is this a hospital wing or not? Headmaster, I must insist —”
“My apologies, Poppy, but I need a word with Mr. Potter and Miss Granger,” said Dumbledore calmly. “I have just been talking to Sirius Black —”
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She grabbed her real wand and turned around to find that the sauce on the stove was smoking.
“C’mon,” Ron said hurriedly to Harry, seizing a handful of cut¬lery from the open drawer, “let’s go and help Bill and Charlie.”
They left Mrs. Weasley and headed out the back door into the yard.
They had only gone a few paces when Hermione’s bandy-legged ginger cat, Crookshanks, came pelting out of the garden, bottle-brush tail held high in the air, chasing what looked like a muddy potato on legs. Harry recognized it instantly as a gnome.rita ranch tucsonsalle mariage marseille